"if you ever need support just think of us and listen to our music"

harry: “lean on me”



It was my big day I was going to get married.. But not with the guy I loved. I couldn’t. It was a forbidden love. A love that everyone was against, including my parents.
He being famous, and I just being a normal girl in a small town..
My parents didn’t want me to get hurt, but they didn’t know that me being with another guy that wasn’t Harry hurt me the most ..
Harry and I met 8 years ago when he was just a normal person just like me. Harry and I had always like each other but we were afraid to say it. He loved singing so one day he audition for the xfactor and he made it. I was so happy for him. After getting third place with his band called ‘one direction’ in the X-factor he became really famous and moved. And I never got to see him or talk to him again. Years pass and I met Ryan. He was nice, caring . He loved me, and I thought i love him too. Months pass and Ryan decide to ask me to be his wife and I was happy. Days pass and my weeding with Ryan was getting closer and closer.
One afternoon I was walking down the street when I bump Into someone.
“Sorry, didn’t see you there”. I said as I look down not wanting to see the tall man in front of me.
“No, I should be apologizing, I was clearly not paying attention.” The tall man said.
I knew that accent. I carefully looked up to the guy with curly hair and green eyes.
It was harry.
“Harry, is that you”?! I nearly shouted.
“Y/n” ? He asked as he picked me up for a hug.
“Look at you all grown up, you look beautiful . I mean you always been beautiful”. He blushed .
“Aw, thank you harry, puberty did hit you hard”. We both laugh.
“So where are you going” he asked as we started to walk.
“I was on my way to get my weeding dress” I smiled.
“Your getting married”? Harry quietly asked.
“Yeah” I mumbled.
“That’s great, erm well I have to get going, catch you later. It was nice taking to you” he said as he turned around to walk.
“Harry wait”. He quickly turned around.
“Mm yeah?”
“Here get my number, so when the invitations to my weeding are ready I can call you, so you can come and pick it one up”
“Ah . Okay”.
And with that he left.
I was laying in bed waiting for Ryan.
When I start to think about harry.
He change so much he look so different, more attractive since I last saw him.
Just thinking of him brought butterflies to my stomach and I couldn’t stop smiling .
This was wrong I was about to get married with Ryan and I was thinking of Harry.

Harry’s POV
I was over at my mums place. I was pacing around the room.
I just couldn’t believe she was going to get married.
The girl I developed feeling for when I was a kid.
My first love even though I never had the guts to tell her how I felt.
She was getting married with someone that wasn’t me.
And I know it was my fault for leaving and not telling her how i felt, not telling her that I’ll be back. For not telling her thanking her for everything she had done.
“Harry” my thoughts were interrupted by the voice of my sister calling me.
“Huh” I said as I turned to look at my sister .
“Harry are you okay”?
“Mm yeah” . I quickly say.
“No, you’re not what’s wrong”
“Y/n .”
“What about y/n”
“She’s getting married”
“Oh yeah I know that, aren’t you happy?”
“You knew about this and didn’t tell me”?
“Yeah, after you left for the xfactor she will frequently come here to ask about you. She liked you, she confess to me. She’ll come here with tears when she’ll see you with another girl.. She really liked you. But Years pass and she met Ryan who loved her and cared about her and she came here to tell us. To be honest I’m really happy for her she is a really sweet girl”.
“No . No . No !”
“What’s wrong harry”?
“Everything is wrong, I love y/n I always have and I still do after seeing her today and seeing how beautiful she got over the years my feeling for her grew and after she telling me she was getting married my heart broke, I should be the one marrying her not him!” I said leaving Gemma speechless.
“Harry I really don’t what to say, Why didn’t you tell her you loved her ?”
“I was afraid she wouldn’t feel the same way as me”
“Harry is not to late to tell her you love her, you still have time”
“It already to late. Me telling her that I love her won’t change the feelings she has towards the guy she’s marrying, is to late”.
“Harry I can’t stand looking at you like this, try it, tell her how you feel you never know what can happen, do it”!
Gemma’s words replay on my mind. I was afraid the way y/n was going to react but I decide to give it a try.
Later on that day I decide to give y/n a call.
I had asked her if she would like to meet me in the place we used to go when we were kids.
She happily accepted.

Harry had invited me to go to the place we use to go when we used to talk. I was surprise he wanted to talk to me.

When I got there he was sitting down trowing rocks in the pond .. He look so cute and innocent.
“You know trowing rocks into a pond won’t help”
“You scared me” Harry said as he stand up wiping tiny rocks from the back of his pants.
“Sorry didn’t mean too scared you”.
“Its okay” he said as he came close to you.
“So why did you tell me to come here”?
“I wanted to talk to you about something important”.
“Are you okay”
“Yes im fine”
“Oh then what is it” I said as I sat down pulling Harry next to me, which made him smile.
“Erm I don’t know how to start this” he said as he ran his hand through his hair.
“Just tell me c’mon”.
“I .. I “
“I what harry ?!?”
“I love you” he said not wanting to look at me.
“I love you too” I said which made Harry smile.
“For real y/n?” He asked
“Yes as friends of course .” I smiled giving me a tight hug.
“Oh” he said pulling away from the hug turning around.
“Harry what’s wrong”?
“Nothing” he said as he threw pebbles into the pond.
“Harry, Harry look at me” I said as I moved his chin to look at my direction.
“What’s wrong harry ”
“Nothing y/n”
“Harry I know you, something is up what is it”. I asked
“I love you” he mumbled
“I know that Harry me too”
“No y/n not like that . I mean like liking you having feelings for you”.. He mumble as he turned around
“Since when”? I asked as I moved his direction .
“Since we were kids.”
“And why didn’t you tell me”
“Cause I was afraid you weren’t going to like me, I was young I didn’t know what love was I thought I only liked you, but now that saw you again my feelings for you became stronger.”
“Harry I always did, I always loved you, I cried for you every night since you left. You didn’t even bother to call to tell me how you were doing”. I said as tears started to fall down my cheeks.
“And I’m sorry for that I really am, but please give me a chance please, let me show you I love you, let me show you the world.” He said as he tried to wipe my tears but I backed away.
“No Harry, I waited for you. I cried for you. I really loved you and you didn’t do anything. I never love anyone like I loved you. And when I saw you with girls you were rumored you were going out with them really broke my heart. And thats when I knew it was time to move on and that’s when I met Ryan . Who showed me he cared and he loved me.” I said as I stand up with tears all over my face.
“Y/n I’m sorry but after the X factor I had to go to tours, and of course I was going to be seen with girls. But that’s doesn’t mean I dated them.” He said as he wiped my tears away pulling me into a hug.
“I’m sorry y/n I really am”.
I sobbed unto his shirt until I pulled away.
“Please come with me let’s travel the world together just you and I”
“Sorry harry but no I can’t do this” and with that I left.
I had told my parents harry had come back but they didn’t really care they never liked harry they though he was a bad influence but he was wasn’t he was the nicest sweetest person alive.

"Y/n you’re going to get married you can be thinking of Harry. Harry is famous he doesn’t care about you and never will . My mom said to me. The words braking my heart.
“But I invited him to my weeding” I quietly said.
“You did what” my father shouted .
“I want him to be there”
“No absolutely not y/n he can’t come ” my father shouted.
“And why not ? Is my weeding”.
“Because he is no welcome . End of story  ! ” my father said as he left the kitchen .
“Y/n ! ” “y/n” my thoughts were interrupted by my brother talking to me.
“What, what happen” ? I asked
“You been in your room for hours trying to get your dress on you’re going to get marry in a couple hours hurry up”. My brother shouted for the other side of the door.
“Oh yeah I forgot.” I quietly mumble as I stand up and checked my self on the mirror .
Did I really want this ? Did I really wanted to get married? Did I really loved Ryan ?
“Stop thinking of that” I said to myself I as I walked outside my room.

Harry’s POV
Today was the day my beautiful Y/n was going to get married and I couldn’t do anything .
“Harry” my sister called .
“What is it”
“We are going to be at y/n weeding. I would ask you if you’ll go but I know the answer to that. I still think is not to late to convince her to go with you” my sister said as she hugged me.
“Thank you Gemma but I don’t think she’ll go with me, anyways today is my last day here and she’ll be married by the end of the day” i quietly said.
“I have an idea”
“What is it Gemma”?
“Do a video” she spat
“A video, about what ?”
“A video dedicated to y/n telling her she doesn’t have to do it that you’ll be waiting for her in the place you used to play when you were little, and that you’ll be there waiting for her for an amount of time if she decide not to get married” She said almost out if breath .
“That’s a great Idea but I don’t know if it will help” I sadly said
“Try it you never know “! She said while giving me a pat in the back.

I though about it and I decide to do it I called my sister to come and helped me with it and once it was all done I send the video to y/n hoping she’ll see it and she’ll change her mind.

“Finally” my brother said as he open the door to take me to the car
“How do I look” I asked my brother.
“You look beautiful , now let’s go”
“Thank you , wait . My phone ” I said as I ran back inside.
Finally I grab my phone and saw that I had one message it was from harry I took a deep breath before opening it , the message had a video attach to it .
I decide to open it
“Y/n you have to do this , is not to late, I’ll be waiting in Orli’s in Borehamwood
For the next three hours If you don’t come I understand, but that’s were I’ll be” harry said in his video a tear fell down . I wanted to go with him but I didn’t know what to do. I was scared.
“Y/n” ! My brother shouted as he ran to my room
He sigh when he saw me crying
“What’s wrong “
“I don’t know what to do” I quietly said
“what do you mean” he asked
“I don’t know if I want to get married I don’t know if i really love Ryan, Harry the boy I used to love the guy I actually could said I loved send me this, his is telling me that’ll he’ll be waiting in the place we used to go if I change my mind but only for three hours , and our parent don’t like harry I don’t know what to do . Help me please” I cried.
“Follow your heart, is your life and you can do what ever you want with it. Don’t let people tell you who to like or who not to like . If you really like Harry then go with him, but if you don’t and you really love Ryan, stay and get married. That’s you’re choice not mine , not our parents that only yours” he said as I hugged him.
“Thank you for everything. I made my mind I really don’t know what would have I done if you weren’t here” I said as I cried .

After a few minutes I went outside
Ready to go.
“Let’s go to the church ” I said as I carried my suitcase i knew that after the weeding I wasn’t coming back .

After a while of driving we arrived to the church some people were already inside .
As I walked I saw Gemma in the audience she looked sad I’m guessing she knew what Harry had send me, but she still smiled.
As I walk I saw Ryan standing their looking at me walk down the aisle.
Once I was next to him he looked at me and whisper “you look beautiful”
I gave him a soft smiled which he return.
The priest began talking after talking he asked me the question

"Y/n y/l/n do you take Ryan Moore as your husband , to love him and respect him for your whole life"
I looked at Ryan which he was already looking at me waiting for my answer I looked around I looked at my brother who was looking at me . I smile a bit.
“Y/n what is your answer yes or no”
The Priest asked.
“I’m sorry Ryan, I can’t do this I can’t be with you, you’re a great person and i know you’ll make someone else really happy. I’m sorry but I can’t marry you.” I quickly mouthed a ‘thank you’ to my brother and with that I ran out of the church no caring what people would say. I could see Gemma was happy. She knew were I was heading.
I ran out no looking back to the taxi I had called when I was at my house. My suitcase was already inside of the cab. I was ready to go.
“Where are you going Mrs.”
The taxi man asked
“I’m going to Orli in Borehamwood”.
“Mmm okay.”

Harry’s POV
I been here two hours and still y/n hasn’t come I should have know that she wasn’t going to come. I just waisted my time thinking that she will love me.
I guess right now she is kissing his husband and telling him that she loves him.. I didn’t even know if it was worth it waiting the next hour. I guess I had to say goodbye to y/n forever. And I had to start my own life without her.
By now I had tears in my eyes. I just wanted her and only her.

“What taking so long ?” I shouted to the man.
“Traffic honey . I think we will be here along time” he sigh.
“No, I have to be there now” I whined.
“Sorry sweetheart”
“You know what fuck this” I said as I got of the cab. Trowing the money that I owed.
“If you make it you know were to go” I yelled to the taxi man who just nodded.
I ran as fast I could but the heals didn’t let me run fast enough I stopped to take off my heels so I could ran faster I wasn’t going make in time I was far.

Harry’s POV
It was time I decide to Just start walking . I knew I shouldn’t have done this . It was pointless she love him it was obvious. I turned around one more time to check maybe she had change her mind but not she wasn’t there.
As I continue to walk I thought of how stupid I was for believe she’ll come with me.
As I walked I could still hear her voice In my head saying
“Harry wait, Harrry !!” But every time they’ll sound more realistic and louder until I decide to turned around and that’s when I saw her running toward me telling to stop.

After bumping into cars I finally
Made it I saw him walking I shouted his name to get him to stop but he wouldn’t listen until he turned around and he saw me running that’s when he stopped and started to run my way and I started to run his direction.
“Harry .”!
We both shouted, by this time I was crying because I knew i had done the right thing . And it was being with him. I finally catch up to him he carry me hugging me tightly Not wanting to let go.
“Harry I love you , I love you, I love you”.! I sobbed into his shirt.

"Don’t cry baby I’m here with you know and we are going to always be together, I love y/n I really do . I though you weren’t going to come".
He quietly said .
“Harry I couldn’t get marry to a man I didn’t love. Harry you’re the only person I love” i said as I looked up at Harry
Harry reply by kissing me in my lips this kiss was sweet and passionate.
All my life I been waiting for this for a kiss from Harry and know it was happening.

Harry’s POV
I was kissing her for the first time. I been wanting to kiss her since we were little but I was to of wimp to kiss her. Her kissing was incredible. I couldn’t ask for anything else.
After a while she backed away.
“Harry, when are we leaving, we still leaving right or..” She said not knowing how to finish my sentence.
I chucked a bit before answering.
“Yes of course beautiful”
“My stuff is in the cab I was riding, so I’ll guess I’ll wait “
“Alright baby, I just need to go to my mums house so I can grab my stuff”
“Great cause I really want to take this off” she whined
“You look beautiful, I wish one day you decide to marry me” I said as I cupped her face giving her another kiss.

After a while we went to my mum house and as I enter the room I see Gemma and my mum sitting down in the sofa.
“Thank you Gemma, I love you” I hugged her
“Welcome, curly” Gemma said
“Thank you for what?” my mum asked.
“Omy Omy I can’t even with this heels”!! y/n shouted
“Who that” my mum asked looking toward the door.
“Um sorry for interrupting” y/n quietly said as she enter .
“Come here love, say hi to your new family” I said as I grabbed y/n and pulled her next to me.
My mum’s eyes widen she couldn’t believe y/n was with me.
That I was the person she ran away with in her big day of her weeding.
“Y/n what are you doing here” she looked surprise.
“I’m sorry Mrs. Anne, for everything that happen at the church. I couldn’t marry him I didn’t love him like I love your son. I have always have and always will. I decide that Harry was the only person I loved and I couldn’t see myself without him” y/n said as she looked at me .
I quickly kiss the top of her head. Making Gemma say ‘aww’.
“Wow y/n I can’t believe this but if you’re happy and my son is happy then their is nothing wrong with me approving this relationship” my mum said as she stand up to hug y/n and I .
“Group hug” Gemma called as she hugged as well.
“I love you all, y’all are the best thing that has ever happen to me” I said as hugged them tighter .
After everyone pulled away.
I finally got my stuffed and y/n finally change Into her normal clothes she was going to use, a get a while we were ready to leave .
“Wait before you leave you have to promise you are going to take care of my baby” my mum said to y/n while she pinch my cheeks.
“Mum” I growled which made y/n giggle.
“I will Mrs. Anne” she politely said.
“Please call me Anne”
“Alright Anne” she smiled.
“And you promise me you’ll take care of her, and will treat her right”
“I promise mother, I’ll protect her with everything I have because I love her”. I said looking at y/n
“Alright kids I guess this is goodbye, call me when you get over home” my mum shouted
“And don’t do dirty stuff”. Gemma yelled looking at both of us.
“We will mum , I can’t promise you that Gemma, love you mum bye Gemma thanks again”I shouted as I got into the cab.
“Bye Gemma , bye Anne” y/n said as got into the cab.
“So were are we going babe” y/n smiled
“To explore the world baby” I said to y/n while giving her a peck on her lips
“Aww you’re so cute, ugh girl you lucky, omg omg I’m going to cry” the taxi man said
We both laugh.
“Thank you, I know I’m very lucky to have him in my life.” Y/n said
“Y/n you’re going to make me cry” I said leaning over to kiss her.
“Yo I’m still in this car , you little nasty’s .” The taxi driver said .
Which made us laugh in between the kiss.
After a long ride we finally got to the airport.
“We are hereeee”!! The taxi driver sang.
“You’re so funny . Y/n said to the man.
“Thank you baby. Aye if you find a good cute strong man over there tell him I’m single and give him my number” he handed y/n a piece of paper.
“Alright babe, I will”
After paying we went to the front office to check in after a few minutes our flight was next we were heading to America .
Once we were on the airplane
Y/n looked at me with a worried face.
“What’s wrong baby “
“I’m scared.”
“Don’t be you’re next to me and I’m going to protect you baby” I said as I pulled her into a hug.
After 27 hours we were finally in America . I finally was going start a new life with the love of my life. I was very excited but sacred. But I knew that everything will be okay. Because I was with the guy I truly love.









Human Feelings as Drugs

It would be really cool to have a movie about this in a world where the government distributes these to people, and at first glance everything is fine, people with depression and antisocial disorder are being instantly treated and that’s great. But then you realize that there are groups of people abusing these drugs underground, like there will be people on happy all the time, people that use hope to delude themselves, or people that drug other people with love, and that true human emotions have been nearly wiped out. Then at the end it’s discovered that the government is using these drugs to control society and manipulate people into becoming soldiers by taking away their empathy and filling them up with trust for the government. So it ends in an uprising led by a resistance group who lead the people to realize that their humanity has been stripped and doesn’t come in a bottle.

Sometimes Tumblr comes up with better movie/book/show premises than the ones being dished out.

I really need those hope and joy ones.

There is actually a movie that is similar to that already. Check out Equilibrium with Christian Bale. Great movie.

Doctor Who series 3, Episode 3: Gridlock.

might i suggest syfy’s series “Alice”